Nhu Xuan Hua
Nhu Xuan Hua is a french photographer from Paris now based in London. She studied Art, Cinema and Photography in Paris before starting her own search in the photographic industry. She fulfils her thirst of creativity through photography but also focuses on other practices like mix media or sculpture . 
Molding each element of the frame as a sculptor would do with clay, she looks at every objects as a physical shape more than a functional tool. She uses her sets to turn her abstract projections into real, questioning the space as a bi-dimensional frame to fill in with very precise compositions . Proceeding by series, Nhu Xuan deconstruct her vernacular language into pieces where each photos try to find an answer to a conundrum . The constant dialogue between the images reveals the complexity of the prior research that conduct to the final result. Her compositions always seem perfectly neat, nevertheless , there is also a glimpse spontaneous acts that may arise from her intuitive manipulations on set or during the final process. As a story teller, she likes her models to embody a real part and sometime to capture them in a loss moment, unveiling both beauty and dark side. 
Nhu Xuan's world is always on the edge, it catches the elusive moment when the perception shifts from real to surreal . This interests into arts led her to a signature which goes beyond fashion photography.

Selected clients include: La Rinascente, Vanity Fair, D la Repubblica, Collectible Dry, Dansk, Clash magazine, Revs, Georgia Hardinge, Mawi, Jamie Wei Huang, Both Paris etc.


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