Gemma Bedini
Gemma Bedini is an Italian stylist and creative consultant  based in Paris. Formally trained in theater, history and communication she quickly starts to work in fashion as photographer assistant and then fashion stylist. She thinks of fashion images as story telling with a strong character for the main role. Her love for twisted details, shining textures and bold color is visible in her work. Traveling and sub-cultures are her biggest sources of inspiration while always keep her eyes wide open around the world.

Vogue Ukraina, Vogue Arabia, Vogue it, Vogue Sposa, Odda, Rain, Interview Germany, Zoo, Tush, Tank, Metal, Highsnobiety etc...

L'Oreal, Neiman and Marcus, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Huawei, Messika, Fred jewelery, Etam etc.